Making the Best of Being at Home

I'll admit, I'm usually a homebody and love a good long day relaxing on the couch, but all I want to do now is socialize and go back to work. Although I feel like I have done everything I can while being at home the past few weeks I wanted to share with y'all some ideas of activities you can do at home alongside some cute photos of my friends and their pups in their cozy home.

Activities to try:

1. Trying new recipes/try making homemade bread

2. Reorganize your home and put together donation bags of things you no longer need or want

3. Using what you have at home to make homemade candles (kits can be purchased online)

4. Date night at home : light candles, dress up, play music, buy wine, and make/pick up a yummy dinner

5. Start those home improvements that you've been putting on the back burner

6. FaceTime/ Zoom with your friends and family to get some face-to-face socializing with social distancing

7. Fashion Show : try on and clear out those clothing items that have holes or no longer fit

8. Self Care: Make sure you are taking care of yourself at this time, if that means throwing on a pair of jeans or having a spa day during the. week

9. Exercise: Go on a walk, run, or try out some workouts on youtube for an in-home workout

10. Improve your trade or what interests you: whether that be business, photography, food, etc. if you love it then why not do some research; learning and improving your knowledge & skills

Hope y'all are staying safe and doing well!

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