Allison & Ian's Small Austin Wedding

We didn't see 2020 going the way it is now when we cheered "Happy New Year" at midnight, but here we are, living each day to the fullest. A new year means new connections, new lovely couples, and new weddings to be planned and photographed.

To the engaged couples switching their previous plans of the big party celebration to an intimate ceremony because love doesn't get paused or put on hold, this post is for you. This blog post is not to tell you to feel good about the forced changes you have to make to your wedding because honestly, it sucks. Your feelings of hurt, frustration, and sadness are valid and normal to have.

This post is to show you that despite the setbacks that feel like they never pause, you can still have a beautiful, memorable, and intimate wedding during the pandemic.

A few wedding options that may work for you:

  1. An intimate elopement or ceremony with immediate friends & family with a small intimate dinner afterwards.

  2. An elopement now and then a huge reception or ceremony & reception this next year

  3. Take your saved money and put it towards a small ceremony and go all out on flowers, design, or travel somewhere memorable for your small ceremony (you can always live stream your ceremony to your friends and family who couldn't make it in person)

  4. If your local courthouse is open : great married and snag some amazing newlywed portraits afterwards

  5. Research local vendors or venues offering "micro-wedding" packages or "wedding marathons"

These are not all the options available of course, but if it helps inspire you or push you in a direction that works for you then I did my job. If you are looking into some wedding options and need a helping hand to guide you through the process or someone to just offer support and funny jokes to distract you, please reach out. We are in this together because #lovedoesntpause

Working with Allison & Ian was an absolute joy and such a memorable experience.Their wedding was beautiful and a true example of love and making your day your own. Truly a day to remember; a big thanks to these two wonderful people for letting me be apart of it all.

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